Umyko, the pure state and soul of kombuchas. A golden elixir that elevates this fermented beverage to a new level, just as gold enhances other metals.

Its pale color, its soft natural carbonation and its vibrant fruity flavor merge into a unique sensory experience. A refreshing torrent of sensations that awakens your senses and invites you to enjoy every sip.

Umyko is more than just a simple kombucha, it is an experience. It is the essence of nature bottled, a journey through the purest aromas and flavors. Let yourself be carried away by its delicate effervescence and discover a universe of well-being in every drop.

Umyko: The perfect balance between flavor and health. A drink that nourishes you and fills you with energy, without sacrificing pleasure. A gift for your body and mind, a perfect ally for your lifestyle.

A touch of distinction for your palate. Umyko, the kombucha that invites you to discover the most exquisite side of life.

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<1% of alcohol


Small (25 cl.), Large (70 cl.)