The Legend

The Girl of the Sea

In the clear blue waters of Ibiza’s shore, where sun-kissed waves constantly roar, lives a mermaid named Umyko, with eyes as gold as the sun’s glow.

Her scales shine like a thousand gems, as she gracefully swims with gentle stems, the fish and crabs gather around, to hear her sing with a melodious sound.

The people who pass by the bay, are enchanted by her beauty in every way, they say she has a heart of pure gold, and a kind spirit that never grows old.

Umyko, the mermaid of Ibiza, captivates everyone with her charm, for she is a part of nature’s grandeur, a symbol of love, peace, and adventure.

So, if you ever visit Ibiza’s coast, sail with grace and be her guest host, and who knows, Umiko might come by, to teach you the secrets of the island’s lullaby.